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Top 6 Advantages of High Security Locks

high security locks

Security should always be a priority for business owners. How else can you protect your business from theft, burglary and vandalism?  Of course, the door, frame assembly and surrounding access points need to offer a high level of resistance.  Another way to secure your property is to install high security locks. They provide an extra […]

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What Are Exit Devices?

exit device

Why do you need exit devices? An exit device (also referred to as a panic device, panic hardware, panic bolt and crash bar) is hardware that is installed on a door that keeps it locked from the outside, while allowing people on the inside to exit without unlocking it. In other words, it restricts entry, […]

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Electronic Door Locks

Types of Security Cameras

You want to feel secure and safe in your home. Part of what makes your home secure are the locks on your doors. Many homeowners are replacing their old conventional door locks with more modern electronic versions. These electronic devices don’t require physical keys to open the doors. Instead, keypads or even smartphone apps are […]

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5 Ways Video Surveillance Systems Protect Your Business

Video Surveillance Systems Protect Your Business

Is your business secure and protected? Do you have any idea what goes on there if you’re not around to witness it? There are so many things that can go wrong that could be prevented by installing a video surveillance system at your place of business. And even if you couldn’t prevent it from happening, […]

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Security Camera Installation St Charles

Security Cameras Professionally Installed in St. Charles

  Whether you want to make sure your St. Charles home is safe and secure, or you need security for your St. Charles business, having security cameras installed professionally is always the best decision. Sure, surveillance cameras are available for purchase at many retail outlets. You can buy them and install them yourself. But you […]

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