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No homeowner wants to think about intruders–thieves, vandals, stray wildlife, even the neighbor’s dog ruining your garden—but it does happen. No matter if someone is there or the home is vacant, it is wise to know what’s going on in and around your property. Security cameras are the solution to keeping tabs on your home’s exterior surroundings.

The advantages of security cameras are many, but here are the five top reasons you need them installed on your property:

  1. Keeping the bad guys out. Usually, potential intruders will case your home before they even attempt to break in. If they see security cameras, they are less likely to take the risk of getting caught on them.
  2. Helping police. If the intruders still succeed in breaking in your home, the security cameras will have pictures of the thieves and other information to help the police catch and convict the intruders.
  3. Helping to keep your loved ones safe. If you have children or elderly family members at home, the remote video cameras can allow you to check in and view what’s happening. You can login from your smart phone, office computer or anywhere you have a network connection. The cameras are useful for monitoring nannies and babysitters too!
  4. Watching your pets’ antics. You can check up on your fur-babies remotely, to see what they are up to. If you have an older pet that needs special attention or one that’s a rascal who likes to cause some chaos, being able to view them remotely can possibly prevent further trauma or damage.
  5. Saving you money. Most homeowners’ insurance policies offer premium rate reductions for homes that have professionally-installed security cameras.

Security Camera Installation in Your Chesterfield Home

If you decide you are ready to protect your home and loved ones, Gateway Lock & Security can help! We will evaluate your needs and do an initial survey of your property to determine how many cameras are needed and where they should be located for the best protection. We will discuss our findings with you to determine the best course of action.

We offer many different solutions to choose from. Based on your specific requirements, our security cameras and network and digital video recorder (NVR and DVR) systems can be tailored to suit your security needs. These systems vary based on the number of cameras, camera resolution and storage capacity. You will be able to monitor activity from anywhere through a WIFI, network or cellular connection.

Technology advancements in security cameras have made them much more affordable to homeowners. Security/surveillance cameras let you view the inside and/or the outside of your home – anytime and whenever you want. Don’t risk your valuables and your loved ones’ safety and security. Protect your home and family by having Gateway Lock & Security install security cameras to give you peace of mind.

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