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Security Camera Installation for Your Peace of Mind

Gateway Lock & Security offers expert installation of home security camera systems in St. Charles, MO. Your home is the refuge for you and your family. It is where you gather to enjoy your daily activities with each other. It contains years of memories, treasures and items that are valuable, both sentimentally and materially. Don’t risk the chance of an intruder invading your safe space. Even stray animals or wildlife can harm your property. Get security cameras installed today by Gateway Lock & Security.

Gateway Lock & Security will do an initial survey of your property to determine how many cameras are needed and where they should be located for the most protection. Areas that could be the most vulnerable to intruders, for example, hidden or obscured entrances, should be considered for placement of a security camera. Placement of security cameras could vary, depending on the property layout, but the 5 most recommended locations are as follows:

  1. Front Door. Some statistics estimate that 34% of burglars will enter your home through the front door. The camera for this location should be placed so that is not accessible to the burglar to break, while still being trained on the front door. It may need to be encased in wire mesh to protect it from debris and damage.
  2. Back (or Side) Door. This is the second most common access point for burglars entering your home.
  3. Off-Street Windows. Burglars don’t want to trigger suspicion by trying to break windows that are in clear view of passers-by. Rear windows are particularly susceptible. It is wise to have cameras trained on all windows that cannot be seen from the street.
  4. Back Yard/Gate. If your yard is surrounded by a privacy fence, it could also prevent potential burglars from being spotted. You will need to have cameras that are placed where the entire back yard and gate can be viewed.
  5. Basement Stairs. Basements often have doors and windows large enough to crawl through, so placing a security camera on the stairs can capture any intruder sneaking in through that route.

These five locations are great to start, but you may need additional cameras as well. The experts at Gateway Lock & Security will advise you on other locations based on their survey of your home and your specific requirements.

St. Charles Homes Need Security Cameras

Don’t be naïve and think that you’ll never be the target of an intruder. Protect your home and family by having Gateway Lock & Security install security cameras where you can monitor your home when you are present and even when you’re not there.

We have a number of options to choose from, based on your specific property and needs. We offer security cameras and network and digital video recorder systems that can be tailored to suit your security requirements. You will be able to monitor activity via a WIFI, Cellular or network connection.

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Don’t jeopardize your home, family and possessions by not protecting them from theft or vandalism. Contact us today to learn how we can help you secure your valuables.

Gateway Lock & Security offers professional security specialists that will assess your personal security needs. Look for our Gateway vans with our fully insured and bonded technicians, carrying a wide range of products from heavy duty locks to push button entry locks. Gateway Lock & Security will solve your problems in a quick, efficient manner.

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