Professional Chesterfield Security Camera Installation for Businesses

Get Security Cameras for Your Chesterfield Business

All business owners should consider having security cameras professionally installed for many reasons. They can discourage theft, increase safety; even save you money on insurance premiums. With that in mind, you then need to determine what type of security camera system is best for your business. Gateway Lock & Security offers both Network Video Recorders (NVR) and Digital Video Recorders (DVR) in many styles to choose from.

Both NVR and DVR systems offer remote video monitoring and HD recording capability. They both record cameras and offer similar options but they record with different transmission methods. The basic difference between an NVR and DVR is the way they are connected and how they record data.

  • An NVR records IP cameras connected by either a network switch or router and data is transmitted via a network cable.
  • A DVR records analog or coax based cameras connected by a coax cable.

One benefit of a NVR over a DVR is that it can be located anywhere on the network, versus the DVR, which is hard-wired at a specific location. This protects against network failure, since the NVRs can be located throughout the network, providing duplication and backup. Another advantage of an NVR is that you can view the recording remotely, compared to the DVR recording that must be viewed at the DVR location or by burning the recording to a device to be viewed elsewhere.

Another factor to consider when deciding what type of recorder to get is your current wiring. If you already have coax cables installed and connected to an older analog CCTV system it would make more sense to use a DVR that supports coax cable already. This will cut costs down, and eliminate the need for running new wiring.

Also, pairing security cameras with NVRs is actually more restrictive than doing so with DVRs, so they need to be compatible.

Gateway Lock & Security Will Install the Security Cameras that Meet Your Chesterfield Business Needs

At Gateway, we provide professional Chesterfield security camera installation for businesses. Knowing which system is the best for your business and budget can be difficult for the typical business owner. That’s why Gateway Lock & Security has the professionals who can advise you on the best solution for you. We offer many options to choose from, tailored specifically to your requirements. Our highly trained and experienced technicians will discuss all your specifications and answer any questions you might have. We are knowledgeable of all local, state and national building and safety codes.

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