St Peters Commercial Locksmith

St Peters Commercial Locksmith

A commercial Locksmith for Your St Peters Business

When you own a business, you need ways to allow entry and exit from the building. Depending on the type of business, there can be different and more stringent requirements than others. No matter what your specifications are, Gateway Lock & Security Systems is the commercial locksmith to choose in St. Peters.

Types of Commercial Locksmith Services

Because we know that every business has different needs and requirements, Gateway Lock & Security Cameras offers many different types of locksmith services in St. Peters. We also know that securing access to your buildings protect valuable assets.

Here are just some of the commercial locksmith services we offer:

  • Commercial Grade Locks
    Commercial buildings require locks that are more robust than residential locks. They get a lot more use, so they must be durable enough to withstand the heavy traffic.
  • Access Systems
    If you have a St. Peters business where more than a handful of individuals need access, it’s a hassle to keep track of who is issued keys. If people lose the keys, you may need to have the locks changed. You may worry about duplication.

    An alternative to locks and keys is an access system that doesn’t require an actual key. Examples are card readers and bar code readers. These require a programmed key card to allow entry. An administrator controls the system, so they can electronically grant or restrict access. If a card is lost, it’s easy to replace without changing hardware.
  • Motion Sensors and Alarms
    You may need motion sensors to track and restrict entry and activity in certain areas. The alarm systems can alert specified individuals or law enforcement if triggered.
  • Electric Strikes
    These devices allow doors to unlock with an access card or remotely through an automated system. They will automatically lock after closing.
  • Keypads
    The use of keypads for access control is usually to restrict access to certain areas within a building. For example, they can be placed outside of a secure room where only authorized people are allowed. These people are issued to code to gain access to the area.
  • Panic Bars
    You’ve seen emergency exit doors where if you release them, an alarm will sound. The panic bar is hardware that is installed on a door that keeps it locked from the outside, while allowing people on the inside to exit in an emergency.
  • Lock-outs
    There are circumstances when authorized individuals may not be able to enter their buildings. Gateway will come to the rescue and do what’s necessary to get you in as soon as possible.

Your Local St Peters Commercial Locksmith

Gateway Lock and Security Cameras has been in the business since 1960. We are not a huge global company, but we’re not just a small storefront either. We like to think we’re just the right size to give you the best in commercial security and locksmith services, while providing good, old-fashioned individual service.

Gateway offers all levels of locksmith services and security surveillance system for both commercial and residential customers.