O’Fallon Commercial Locksmith

O'Fallon Commercial Locksmith

O'Fallon Commercial Locksmith

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Gateway Lock & Security provides O'Fallon commercial locksmith services and has decades of experience in the commercial space. Commercial locks and security systems are different then residential systems and require different expertise.

Whether you own or operate a small or large business, keeping it safe and secure is a high priority. Protecting your assets, as well as occupants and visitors, is very important. You need a highly qualified and experienced commercial locksmith to keep your business as secure as possible to keep out unwanted intruders.

Services Performed by a Commercial Locksmith

Many of the services offered by commercial locksmiths in O’Fallon are similar to those offered to residential customers. The difference is in the type and caliber of locks and mechanisms. Commercial entities may be more prone to burglaries, theft and vandalism, especially if they have regular hours when the building is empty.

Typical services that commercial locksmiths perform include:

Lock Installation:

Commercial locksmiths install all types of locks for O’Fallon businesses. There are a variety of door locks available, including electronic locks, keypad systems, remote entry and more.

Lock and Key Maintenance

Keeping your locks maintained prevents them from deteriorating. Locks will wear down and make it easier to break in. Commercial locksmiths can inspect the locks and repair or replace them, as needed.

If you use keys for your O’Fallon business, commercial locksmiths will create them as non-reproducible to prevent having them distributed to unauthorized personnel. They can replace the keys when they break or stop working.

High Security Lock Upgrades

Unfortunately, there are criminals everywhere. With ready access to information on the internet, they are becoming more informed about ways to burglarize businesses. Commercial locksmiths can replace your locks with ones that are more robust and much more tamper-proof.

Lockout Services

No matter who has keys to your O’Fallon business, if one of them cannot get in to work, you’re losing money and productivity. Commercial locksmiths are available to come to your business and get you inside.

Commercial Safes

Many businesses keep safes on the premises to protect valuable documents and other assets. These assets are only as secure as the lock that’s on the safe. If your safe has an outdated lock, a commercial locksmith can install one that is more secure and difficult to extract. Also, if the safe is portable, the locksmiths can bolt it to the ground.

Hire a Local Experienced Commercial Locksmith

Don’t hire just any locksmith in O’Fallon. Gateway Lock & Security to secure your business so that you, your employees, customers, visitors and all your valuable assets are protected.

When you hire us for your commercial locksmith needs, you’ll get personalized service. That’s because we are a local, family-owned business, not a large chain. You won’t be connected to some remote call center when you call our office.

We’ve been providing the highest quality service to commercial customers since 1960. Our courteous and professional locksmiths have the expertise to provide your business with the level of locksmith services you need.

Trust your business’s security to the company that has proven performance for over 60 years. Call Gateway Lock & Security for all your commercial locksmith needs.