St Charles Commercial Locksmith

A commercial locksmith can offer business owners with a variety of services that will keep their property secure and safe. Many security products are designed strictly for commercial use, which requires special expertise and knowledge to install, repair and maintain.

The typical neighborhood residential locksmith may not have the tools or experience to provide the comprehensive protection for your St. Charles business. You need a professional commercial locksmith company that has the resources to secure your premises and protect the people who enter them.

Services Provided by Commercial Locksmiths

St. Charles businesses need commercial locksmiths for a number of reasons.

  1. Lock outs. If a circumstance arises where you are locked out of your building, a commercial locksmith will arrive with the tools needed to gain entry. They will first ensure that you are indeed authorized entry by verifying your identity and authority.
  2. Commercial locks. Commercial buildings will need locks that feature very high security features and are much more durable than residential locks. Commercial locks must withstand the heavy traffic entering and exiting buildings. Standard residential locks are not sufficient for that heavy use.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) grades locks according to durability, safety and security. They use three levels of grading, with Grade 3 being the lowest. These Grade 3 locks are standard for residential use, but are not secure enough for commercial locks. The highest rating, Grade 1, can withstand heavy commercial use, even through tens of thousands of uses.

  1. Access systems. Sometimes locks aren’t sufficient or practical for larger businesses or companies who have a large volume of people entering and exiting their building. Issuing keys for all employees can be a nightmare to control. Alternative keycard readers or bar code readers can be a more realistic solution for these businesses. Because they are linked to a software module, controlling access is as easy as adding or deleting a person. No more issuing lost keys or changing locks when employees leave.
  2. Alarm systems. Door locks and access systems are definitely a necessity to control entry to a building or area of a building. However, there is also a need to monitor areas of to track activity. Installing motion-controlled sensors and alarms can alert you to suspicious activity, or even notify police.
  3. Commercial safes. Businesses that maintain cash and other valuables in safes on their premises need commercial locksmiths to maintain their operation. They can malfunction, requiring servicing by a professional commercial locksmith.
  4. Other locking mechanisms. There are other alternatives to business security and access. Electric strikes can be installed to manually or automatically lock and unlock doors to allow access. The doors can also be opened through access cards, then automatically lock when closed.

Panic bars are used on emergency exits that only operate from the inside. They will trigger an alarm when activated.

Magnetic locks use powerful magnets to secure entry. They can work through an electric source or through permanent magnets.

Hire a Commercial Locksmith for Your St. Charles Business

Don’t make the mistake of hiring just any locksmith for your business security. You need a professional commercial locksmith to ensure your business, property, employees and customers are safe and secure.

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