Wentzville Commercial Locksmith

Wentzville Commercial Locksmith

Wentzville Commercial Locksmith Installing Lock

Why Should You Hire an Established Locksmith for Your Business?

Hiring a local Wentzville commercial locksmith is a smart choice when it comes to protecting your business assets and securing your property. After all, you want a locksmith that knows the business. This not the time to look for the “best deal” and go for the cheapest bid. Hiring an established locksmith company who has been providing local business owners with the protection they need will save you lots of headaches (and losses) down the road.

What Services Do Commercial Locksmiths Provide?

Commercial locksmiths provide the security necessary to protect a business. They are very different than a residential locksmith because the types and extent of protection are much more stringent. A residential locksmith can install locks on your home, get in your car if you’re locked out, and other more minor locksmith needs.

Businesses and commercial properties have more stringent requirements then a private residence:

  • Employee security. You are responsible for making sure your employees feel safe while on the premises. They should feel protected from any non-authorized person entering and possibly causing harm to them or their property.
  • Protecting Assets. Business assets like computers and other equipment are valuable. Insurance will cover part of the losses if they are stolen or damaged, but you’ll still spend lots of time going through the claims, reimbursement and replacement processes.
  • Restricting Entry. Traditional locks and keys are no longer enough for commercial locks. Having a more sophisticated access system in place can help you track who enters and exits your building.
  • Controlling Access. An access control system allows you to monitor who can enter your building or restricted areas. You can issue key cards to authorized personnel and grant or disable access from your office with a few keystrokes. No more tracking and reissuing lost keys, changing locks, etc.

Meeting the Needs of Your Wentzville Business

Gateway Lock & Security is a local commercial locksmith. We have been in the business since 1960, so we know a thing or two about the business. You can trust us to provide the services your business needs to protect your assets. Some of these measures include.

Access Control Systems

We can install access systems, like card readers and bar code readers that recognize a programmed key card for entry. The system is controlled by an assigned administrator responsible for granting or restricting access to the building or areas where only authorized personnel should enter.

Motion Sensors and Alarms

The sensors will track any activity in their viewing area. If an alarm is connected to them, they can alert specific individuals or the police.

Electric Strikes

These are devices that can be opened through an access card or unlocked remotely. The door will automatically lock again upon closing.


Keypads are usually installed within a commercial building on doors leading to restricted areas. Only authorized personnel who are given the code can open the door.

Panic Bars

Panic bars are used mainly for emergency exits. They cannot be opened from outside, and if opened, an alarm will sound.

Commercial Grade Locks

Although they are gradually becoming a thing of the past, locks and keys may still sufficient for some smaller business owners. However, commercial locks are different than residential ones. They need to be more robust and resistant to tampering.

Give us a call today to learn how we can help you keep your business safe and secure.

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