Security Systems for Businesses St. Charles

Your St Charles Business Needs Security Cameras

Video Security Systems for Businesses St. Charles – Network Video Recorders (NVRs) and Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) are closed circuit systems in which signals are not publicly distributed but are monitored, primarily for surveillance and security purposes. These systems rely on strategic placement of cameras and private observation of the camera’s input on monitors. The cameras, monitors and/or video recorders communicate across a proprietary coaxial cable run or wireless communication link.  Access to data transmissions is limited by design.

Being able to monitor your business remotely can provide a peace of mind like no other. Here are some reasons you should consider having these security cameras for your business:

  • Theft Prevention. If employees and customers see security cameras in the store or office, they are less likely to walk off without paying for things. If a would-be robber or burglar sees cameras outside the business, they may move on to a less monitored business. And if your business does experience a break-in, the security cameras have the culprits on film, making it easier for authorities to capture.
  • Shopping Patterns. You can watch customers to see where they go most often for merchandise. This may help in placing your merchandise for optimal sales.
  • Fewer Disputes. Security cameras placed at the check-out counters will alleviate disagreements on customer payment. When you can view the bill denomination on the recording, it’s hard to dispute. It can also capture employees entering incorrect sales amounts for purchases.
  • Workers Compensation Claims. Any on-site accidents are captured on video, which can be viewed to determine if it was a legitimate injury or a fraudulent claim.
  • Reducing Insurance Premiums. Most insurance companies will offer rate reductions when you have security systems installed in and around your business.

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Gateway Lock & Security can meet the security needs for your business. We offer many options to choose from, tailored specifically to your requirements. Our highly trained and experienced technicians will discuss all your specifications and answer any questions you might have. We are knowledgeable of all local, state and national building and safety codes.

We know you have choices for your business security, and we want to be your choice to make your business premises, employees and customers safe. We are not a large national company. We are local and dedicated to helping local businesses.  We are here for our customers and we are here because of our customers. We have been in business since 1960 and plan on serving the area for many more years to come.

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