December 13

12 Reasons You Need Business Video Surveillance


You’ve worked hard to build your business. Don’t risk its security by opening it up to theft, vandalism and other damages. Having a business video surveillance system installed can help to avoid these risks. Below are some reasons why.

Business Video Surveillance

1.     Improve Employee Productivity

You shouldn’t have to monitor your workers to ensure they are getting the job done, but the fact remains that some of them will slack off. With a video surveillance system installed, you can keep an eye on them without being right beside them constantly. Just the presence of cameras will discourage them from trying to get away with being non-productive.

2. Resolve Conflicts

Arguments or heated discussions can occur, and without evidence, it’s hard to determine who the instigator is or who’s at fault. Disputes between co-workers are bad enough, but if there is conflict between an employee and customer, there could be a greater liability and impact on your business. The images captured by the video cameras can help to resolve issues that arise.

3. Protect Inhabitants

There are situations where individuals are being harassed or bullied. This is especially true in educational institutions, but it can also occur in the workplace. Having security cameras in place can deter this activity and serve as documentation to resolve the harassment, should it happen.

4. Reduce Theft

Whether you’re monitoring employees or customers, there are plenty of opportunities for them to take what doesn’t belong to them. It could be an employee filching from the supply cabinet, or a customer trying to walk out without paying for merchandise. There can also be break-ins from outside that can rob you of your valuable assets. Video surveillance systems can capture these incidents to help you prevent loss from theft.

5. Prevent Vandalism

Vandals can seriously damage or destroy buildings and property. Graffiti painted on walls, broken windows, killing trees and shrubs—these are all examples of vandalism that can result in money and time to fix the damage. Video surveillance cameras can help you monitor what’s going on even when you’re not there and possibly provide evidence to prosecute.

6. Enhance Customer Experience

With today’s advanced imaging quality, video surveillance systems can track customers and create profiles on their preferences, likes and dislikes. You’ll be able to analyze their actions and work to improve business by focusing on what gives them the best shopping experience.

7. Monitor in Real Time

Unlike the older video surveillance systems, where you needed to review archived footage of activities, today’s systems allow you to view activities as they occur. Even better, you can view it all remotely, even from the convenience of your home or office away from the surveillance area.

8. Safer Working Conditions

If an accident or injury occurs on the job, real-time monitoring can capture it instantly, allowing the situation to be addressed quickly. In some industries, surveillance systems are actually required to comply with federal and state safety regulations.

9. Digital Storage

The modern technology of today’s video surveillance systems store information digitally, providing the ability to store a lot more information without needing a lot of physical storage space. Digital images are also easier and quicker to organize and find when you need them.

10. Evidence

There can be situations that occur where you need evidence; for example, legal action or regulatory compliance. If the video surveillance system captures criminal activity, the videos may be used as evidence by law enforcement. In the past, images could be so grainy that it was hard to be sure what was occurring, or capture facial features accurately. Today’s technology produces clear images so that there is little doubt.

11. Control Access

Security cameras give you the ability to monitor and track who has access to your buildings. This can go a long way in increasing the security and safety of your property, employees and customers. See our related blog on reasons to have an access control system installed at your business.

12. Save Money

Even though the initial cost to install the video surveillance systems comes into play, you’ll save money in the long term. By reducing theft and accidents, increasing business through enhanced customers’ experience, and increasing productivity, your overall gains are considerable. Overall, video surveillance systems simply make sense to your bottom line.

You can get additional tips from our blog on how video surveillance systems protect your business.

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