November 7

5 Reasons to Have an Access Control System for Your Business


If you’re a business owner or facilities manager, you probably already know the importance of protecting your buildings and its inhabitants. You need to secure your data and people inside from threats and intruders outside. If you don’t have an access control system in place, it’s time to consider having one installed. Here are some very good reasons to do so.

1.    No More Duplicating Keys

Every time you produce more than one key to access a building, you are taking a risk. Sure, you can make them “non-reproducible”, but there are always ways of getting around that. All it takes is one disgruntled employee to create a situation that can have devastating results, like theft, vandalism, and even more serious criminal activity. If you choose to change the locks every time an employee leaves the company, that could be an expensive option and it still won’t prevent current employees from sharing keys.

With an access control system in place, you can delegate control to one or a handful of individuals who control who enters and exits the facilities. Immediate deactivation of an ID badge or other security credential is quick and easy to do.

2.    Protecting Employees

In today’s world of terrorism, you never know when a threat is present. By preventing unauthorized individuals from entering the premises, you’ll be able to protect the people that are supposed to be there. This peace of mind can go a long way in increasing job satisfaction and productivity. If your staff feels they are safe from harm during their workday, they will be more relaxed and able to perform their job better.

3.    Activity Monitoring and Reporting

An access control system will document who enters any door of the building at any time of the day and night. If you do have criminal activity or intruders, this log will prove invaluable in resolving the cases. It also can monitor areas like time card clocks to resolve any timekeeping disputes.  Reports can be generated to determine employee tardiness and other issues that decrease productivity.

4.    Monitor Staff and Control Access

If you have employees or contractors, like janitorial staff, who work outside normal working hours, you can restrict access to hours and days when they need to be there.

Also, you may have employees who should only have access to certain areas and not others. This is important in restricting access to sensitive areas or data to only those with the need and clearance to know. An access control system can program ID credentials to limit access to certain areas.

5.    Remote Access Control

When an outside contractor or other non-staff member needs access to your secure facility, the authorized individual can remotely open the door. This provides flexibility while also ensuring continued security measures are in place. If you combine this with security cameras where you can see the individual, it adds an additional security level to the facility.

Contact Gateway Lock & Security for Your Access Control System

Using access control systems in your business can be a simple way of enhancing your security, while at the same time, managing the flow of people through your site.

Contact Gateway today to learn how we can help. We provide customized security systems that meet your needs and specifications. We offer free consultations to determine your requirements and deliver the solution that’s right for your business security.

We are conveniently located at 17667 Wild Horse Creek Road, Chesterfield, MO 63005, and serve customers in St. Charles, St. Louis County, St. Peters, O’Fallon, Wentzville and more.


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