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Buying Guide for Business Security Cameras


Buying Security Cameras for Business

Reasons to Have Security Cameras for Your Business

There are many reasons for a business to be equipped with a video surveillance system and security cameras. Some of the most important reasons for having security cameras installed include:

  • Keep employees and customers honest. If they know they’re being watched and recorded, they’ll be less likely to pilfer merchandise, inventory or supplies.
  • View shopping patterns. If you know the areas most frequented by customers, you can increase sales by better placement of merchandise.
  • Cameras at the register. This will reduce disputes from customers claiming to give clerks a higher denomination of cash. Cameras will record the transaction, including the change returned to the customer. Cameras will also discourage employees from taking money from the register and entering incorrect amounts.
  • Video recordings can assist law enforcement in solving any burglaries or vandalism.
  • Recordings can detail the causes and extent of accidents that occur on the job. This will help in any workmen’s comp cases.

These are just a few of the many reasons your business needs security cameras. The most important one is your PEACE OF MIND!

How to Select the Right Security System for Your Business

Video surveillance systems and security cameras come in a wide variety of capacities and functions. You know best what your business needs, based on specific requirements. Here are some questions you might want to answer before choosing a system for your business.

1.     Do you have low light conditions?

If you have areas in and around your facility that are not brightly lit, you may need night vision security cameras that include built-in infrared LEDs. These will capture clearer images of perpetrators.

2.     Do you want wireless capability?

Hard-wired security systems require cable that connects the camera to the DVR. If they are too far apart from each other, the video quality and clarity is decreased. IP cameras can be used to solve this issue with a wireless digital signal. They can be connected to a local hardwire switch with Ethernet cable or a wireless router, achieving higher quality digital video.

3.     Where will you be mounting the cameras?

Indoor cameras will need to be capable of surveying the entire range of the warehouse, factory or office. If you require outdoor surveillance, it’s always wise to get weatherproof cameras. Even if the cameras are placed under an awning or other protective overhang, extreme weather could affect the quality of the images.

4.     How much storage space do I need?

This is calculated using a variety of factors, like the amount of hours recorded, number of days needed to store, type of video encoding, etc. Your professional security system installer can help you determine this requirement.

5.     Who am I buying the security camera system from?

This is probably the most critical question to select the right system for your business. There are many online and big-box retailers selling video surveillance systems. You will surely find some that you think are a good deal, but you need to consider other factors.

  • Do they specialize in video surveillance systems and security cameras, or is it just one of hundreds of other products and services they offer?
  • How long have they been in the business?
  • Are they knowledgeable about the systems? Can they answer all your questions? Or do they know just enough to answer the basics and sell you a pre-packaged off-the-shelf system?
  • Are they able to provide support quickly, or do you have to go through a lengthy process? Will you need to call an outsourced call center or can you make a local call for help?

You may be tempted to go the less expensive route of the big-box retailer, but did you know that those stores don’t even use the camera systems they sell to protect their own store? Almost 100% of the time, stores like Best Buy, Costco and other retailers actually use commercial grade systems from professionals like Gateway Lock & Security to protect their properties.

Gateway Lock & Security Knows Security Cameras

You will likely have more questions regarding the video surveillance system and types of cameras that are right for your business. Gateway Lock and Security can answer all of your questions and assist you in choosing the system that will meet your needs.

We have been in business for over 50 years as a local, family owned and operated company.

Call us today at 636-778-1135 to schedule an assessment to protect your business, or send us a message and we will get back with you shortly.


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