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Types of Security Cameras


Types of Security CamerasIf you are considering having security cameras installed in and around your home or business facility, that’s a good first step. But you may be wondering what types of cameras you need. Choices include the external shapes as well as functionality and features.

Security Camera Style Variations

There are a few external styles of security cameras to choose from. These are basically named because of their shapes.

Box Security Camera

Types of Security Cameras

The box style camera is a standalone camera with internal components that can be replaced, if necessary. They are sturdy cameras that can be placed almost anywhere, indoors and out. They are not the most attractive in appearance, however; so, if you’re looking for better aesthetics, it may not be your number one choice. The lens, camera and housing can be customized. Lens options include vari-focal and fixed. Box cameras are not meant to be discreet; therefore, their visible presence can serve as a deterrent to would-be intruders.

Bullet Security Camera

Types of Security Cameras

The bullet style of security camera is technically a box camera in a different housing. Like the box style, it comes with vari-focal and fixed lens options and may be used indoors or out. Conversely, they cannot be serviced, and their lens and housing is permanent. They are smaller and meant to be more discreet than the box style. Bullet style cameras are good for low-light situations.

Dome Security Camera

Types of Security Cameras

The dome camera is aesthetically pleasing and discreet. Placement of dome cameras isn’t limited to corners like box and bullet styles, so they are more flexible in that regard. They are sturdy and can be used indoors or out. Because of their small size and inconspicuous placement options, the dome camera may not be the best choice in preventing theft or crimes. They are a good choice for areas that tend to get dirty, like kitchens and warehouses.

Security Camera Types

Most of the camera styles can be modified to include certain functionality and features.

Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Security Camera

Types of Security Cameras

Unlike the previously-described cameras, this one is named for its functionality, not its shape. It allows the capability to remotely pan, tilt and zoom via mechanical controls, like a joystick or software program. You can set and customize patterns of zooming and rotating. Some can even automatically detect and track motion. PTZ cameras are great for capturing more detail and access wider span of activity. However, the cost of these camera types can be considerably more than other types, so it’s wise to make sure it’s really what you need.

IP vs. Analog Security Camera

Types of Security Cameras

An internet protocol, or IP camera, is a digital video camera that is part of a digital network. It can send and receive data via that network over the internet. They typically provide higher quality images and recordings than their CCTV counterparts and can connect to more cameras in the system. Everything is stored in digital format, as opposed to physical DVRs used by CCTV. They are easy to install and additional cameras can be added and connected with little effort. Because they are wireless, IP camera placement is more flexible. IP cameras are more expensive than analog cameras; on average, about 50 percent higher in price.

Closed circuit television or CCTV cameras are analog cameras that record and transmit to a specific location and are monitored by humans. Recordings can be on a DVR, which, if connected to the internet, may be viewed remotely. Even though CCTV cameras are older technology, they have been modernized and improved over time.

Additional Camera Features

Additional features can be added to the different types of security cameras, for example:

  • IR filter that adjusts in both day and night-time lighting situations
  • Thermal camera uses heat sensors to detect people and objects in smoke, haze, dust, light fog.
  • Wide dynamics cameras can handle a wide range of lighting levels in an area.

Gateway Lock & Security Can Help You Determine the Type of Cameras You Need

If you’re uncertain as to what types of cameras you need for your home or business, Gateway can help with that! We will analyze your unique situation and requirements and recommend a solution that best meets your needs. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

Gateway Lock & Security is conveniently located at 17667 Wild Horse Creek Road, Chesterfield, MO 63005. We serve customers in St. Louis County, St. Charles, St. Peters, O’Fallon, Wentzville and more.

Call us today at 636-778-1135 to schedule an assessment to protect your home or business, or send us a message and we will get back with you shortly.


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