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The Pros and Cons of Bullet Security Cameras


bullet camera security

Everyone wants to feel safe and secure in their own homes. We can’t hear and see everything while away at work or asleep at night. That’s why we have security cameras installed to do surveillance for us.  They give us some peace of mind knowing that our home is secure.

The type of security camera chosen depends on how it’s being applied, technical capabilities and personal preferences.  There are many on the market to that have various features. Having a better understanding of the different types of security cameras allows homeowners to make informed decisions.

A popular camera found in many homes is the bullet camera.  They keep an eye on areas such as driveways, garages, front and back doors, entryways, and stairways.

What is a Bullet Camera?

The bullet security camera is a type of video surveillance camera. Their distinct cylindrical shape looks like a rifle bullet shell.  The smaller models are referred to as lipstick cameras. Bullet cameras can easily mount to ceilings or walls because most of them use a tri-axis type of mount.

Bullet security cameras are some of the most commonly used cameras. They present a visible deterrent to theft and vandalism.  Studies have found that the presence of security cameras will make your property a less desirable target for criminal activity. Bullet cameras can be installed indoors and outdoors.

The unique property of bullet-style security cameras means they're cut out for surveilling relatively smaller swaths of land or areas.

Bullet Camera Advantages

bullet camera advantages

You can keep your most prized possessions out of harm's way by installing a bullet camera on your property. An investment in bullet security cameras for your home or business has many benefits.

  • Easy installation of bullet cameras due to the ball joint mounts
  • Long -range for viewing bottleneck areas and objects at far distances
  • Can be mounted outdoors or indoors
  • Affordable with excellent video and recording quality
  • Waterproof casing withstands rain
  • Can be fitted with a longer more powerful lens to view large spaces.
  • Maintains privacy of neighbors
  • Universal mounting allows a bullet camera to be placed on walls, under the eave, uneven surfaces, or at an angle. They can also be mounted higher to make them more secure.
  • Easily readjusts angles without re-drilling on the mounting surface
  • Equipped with IR night vision that provides high-quality images in dark places
  • Wireless surveillance options allow you to mount them anywhere and still have views from a computer or phone.
  • Other features of bullet cameras include built-in motion sensors, thermal sensors, and optical zoom.

Bullet Cameras Disadvantages

Bullet camera’s capabilities won’t please everyone.  They do have some cons that need to be taken into consideration before purchasing and installing one on your property.

  • Easily vandalized due to its visibility, allowing anyone passing by to reposition it 
  • Not as easy to blend in with surroundings
  • May need additional brackets to hide the main cable, otherwise, damage could occur
  • May attract birds and small animals to build nests on the camera
  • No auto-rotate feature to correct the direction of the camera automatically
  • Infrared bullet cameras cannot be placed near reflective surfaces. The IR rays can cause the camera to malfunction.
  • Transmission problems may occur with wireless bullet cameras. If this happens, recordings and visuals cannot be viewed or heard.

Choosing a Security Camera

Finding the correct security camera for your home or business can be a challenge. There are so many options to choose from. Some features and capabilities may be more important than others when deciding on the best one for your needs. Consider these features for comparison before deciding on a security system.

  • Field of View. Larger areas require cameras with a large view range.
  • Resolution. Security cameras resolution ranges from 480p to 1080p.
  • Night Vision. If you need 24/7 surveillance, then night vision is a must.
  • Motion Detection. Motion boundaries can be set on some cameras.
  • Size. Plays a role in where to place your camera
  • Audio. Two-way audio is an option that allows you to speak to whoever is in front of the camera.
  • App Support. This allows you to sync operations with your computer or phone.

Want Extra Eyes and Ears?

Keep your home or business secure with a security camera system. At Gateway Lock & Security, we have the experience needed to secure your home with the best cameras. Our knowledgeable technicians offer professional guidance on selecting the security system the best matches your specifications.  Contact us today to learn about how we can install the right system for you.


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