May 24

How Security Cameras Deter Crimes


The technology of a video surveillance system has advanced considerably in recent years. The clarity and accuracy of the images and videos they capture are very high quality and can be used after a crime occurs to help catch the culprits.

But just having them placed in your business can prevent potential crimes from occurring in the first place. Many businesses have the cameras located in obvious spots specifically for this reason. Potential thieves, robbers or vandals will think twice about doing their dirty deeds when they know it will be caught on camera. Even if they are bold enough to proceed, the images caught on the cameras will provide evidence in resolving the crimes.

A video surveillance system is much less expensive than other alternatives in crime deterrence, like hiring a security guard. In fact, businesses may be able to benefit from government-funded video surveillance grants, as the Department of Homeland Security awards billions of dollars per year to U.S. cities for safety purposes like video surveillance.

Location of Video Surveillance Cameras

Once you decide that your business needs a video surveillance system to protect it from intruders, you’ll need to determine to place the cameras.

Some business owners want the cameras hidden out of view by the public for a couple of reasons; namely, they don’t want them to interfere with the aesthetics and allows an unobtrusive way to monitor security and safety. The premise behind hidden cameras is that if criminals don’t think they’re being watched, they will act naturally without restraint. This results in better images and more details to provide to law enforcement in resolving the incident.

If your goal is to prevent as much crime from happening as possible, placing the cameras in plain sight is a huge deterrent, especially for “crimes of opportunity”. These types of crimes occur when people act on impulse, thinking that they aren’t going to get caught. The bottom line is, that when the cameras are visible, they are more likely to deter crime.

Video Monitoring

Whether you choose hidden or visible cameras, or a combination thereof, they should be monitored consistently for optimal crime prevention. Having 24/7 monitoring capability on all of the cameras will allow you to take steps to prevent the crime or catch the criminals in the act.

This might be the most overlooked advantage of a video surveillance system. With a highly integrated system, you can monitor the activity on your surveillance feeds from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a connection to the Internet. Mobile devices, laptops and tablets are all fair game. You can log in to your security system from any of these devices and view live streams or access archived footage.

Gateway Lock & Security Has the Security Solutions for Your Business.

Gateway Lock & Security has the professionals who can advise you on the best business security solution for you and your business. We offer many options to choose from, tailored specifically to your requirements. Our highly trained and experienced technicians will discuss all your specifications and answer any questions you might have. We are knowledgeable of all local, state and national building and safety codes.

Our security cameras, network, and digital video recorder (NVR and DVR) systems can be tailored to suit your security needs. Depending on your specific requirements, these systems vary based on the number of cameras, camera resolution, and storage capacity. Whether for your business or residence, you can monitor activity from anywhere in the world through a wifi or cellular connection.

Contact us today to learn how we can secure your business and protect your assets!


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