June 12

Protect Your Home and Kids with a Home Security Camera System


School’s out and the Kids Are Home Alone

Summer is here and with it, kids are out of school. Many parents have no other option but to leave their children at home.

Security Camera Systems can help you keep an eye on your kids when you’re not home. With summer vacation, more school children are home alone while their parents are at work. You may consider your kids mature enough to stay home for a few hours. You’ve cautioned them about not answering doors, going outside, not having friends over, limited screen time, not using the stove, etc.

Approximately 40% of children are left home alone for some time, according to the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Organization. No matter how mature and sensible you think your child is, you will always worry about them being alone. Children are prone to accidents and are gullible. Did you know that 10,630 home structures were damaged due to fires in 2007-2011? The National Fire Protection Association pointed out that 4% of house fires were typically started by children.

Of course, you don’t think your kids will go against your will. But face it, we were all kids at one time, and most of us didn’t follow all of our parents’ rules all of the time. But unlike back in the day, parents have ways of making sure that their children are safe and following our guidance.

Even worse, there could be situations where intruders are “casing” your home. They track when the adults normally leave and return, leaving the kids home alone. It’s much easier to overpower a child than an adult. And no matter how mature your kids are, they don’t have the experience or wherewithal to know what to do and react quickly.

Nanny Cams

If you have small children at home with a hired nanny or babysitter, you also want to make sure things remain safe and secure. In most cases, this works out well without issues. But in cases where the caregivers to whom you entrust your children aren’t doing their jobs properly, or especially, not caring for your children the way you expect, security cameras are a great way to discover those situations.

Did you know that, in the United States, there over five cases of child death due to abuse or neglect per day, a number that has risen dramatically in the past 15 years. Short of being with your child every second of the day, a security camera system is the single best preventive measure you can take to ensure her safety.

Security Cameras Can Be Monitored Remotely

Installing home security cameras can be one of the best investments parents can make for their growing family. While there is just no valid substitute for personally guarding your children, busy and on-the-go parents can take the necessary precautions by installing surveillance cameras to protect them against harm and threat.

With a security camera system, you can check up on your kids while you’re away. Remote monitoring allows you to access the cameras from any WIFI or cellular network. So if you’re at the office, you can monitor via your computer. If you don’t have access to a computer, smart phones are another way to keep track.

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