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Beef up your Business Security with an Access Control and Surveillance Camera System

If you are a business owner, you have invested lots of time and money in making sure your business stays viable. If one of those investments isn’t a commercial surveillance camera system, you should strongly consider having one installed.

Having peace of mind, not only for you and your business, but for employees, customers and investors, is one of the primary reasons for a security camera system. Having cameras inside and outside your business property proves that you are concerned about protecting people and their property and information. It shows you care about their security and well-being, which in turn, brings them peace of mind as well.

Access Control

Most businesses need a way to grant access to authorized personnel and prohibit unauthorized access. An access control system is a computer automated system that provides for authorization, authentication, access approval, and audit. Access control systems provide the technology needed to deliver sophisticated security solutions.

Gateway Lock & Security provides building access control systems that are designed to take the place of other less secure entry methods, like distributing keys to employees that can be lost or duplicated and get in the hands of unauthorized people.

Using access control within your business can keep employees and customers out of certain areas of your business where merchandise and intellectual property is stored, as well as management offices.

Our access control system can be customized to restrict access for particular days of the week and time periods of the day. The access systems can be integrated with the security camera system to view and record individuals attempting access.

An access control system not only prevents outsiders from entering and getting access to your property and information, it protects the employees or customers inside your building. The level of access can be customized based on the entry requirements of a particular individual; for example, if you have individuals who need access to only certain areas of the building.

Surveillance Cameras

Every business needs to take the time to consider installing a video surveillance system in order to improve the overall safety of the workplace and as a way to protect the company’s assets. Placing security cameras throughout your business can provide several advantages, including:

• Help prevent crimes such as vandalism, theft and break-ins
• Improve worker productivity
• Resolve disputes between employees, or between customers and employees
• Provide evidence for investigating crimes or disputes
• Improve customer experience by monitoring their behavior and product placement
• Cost savings over hiring physical security guards

Just having the cameras visibly present can deter negative activities and promote positive ones for your business.

Remote Access 24/7

Real time remote video monitoring can be extremely useful in allowing a business owner or designee to monitor critical areas of the business continuously. This monitoring can be done from a computer, mobile phone, or tablet.

The video surveillance systems installed by Gateway Lock & Security allow you to access and view what is occurring at any time during the day or night, whether you are present or not. You can monitor activity from anywhere there is WIFI or cellular network coverage. You can remotely view events in real time as they unfold, or view recorded footage of an event such as a break-in.

Security cameras and network and digital video recorder (NVR and DVR) systems can be tailored to suit your security needs. Based on your specific requirements, these systems vary based on the number of cameras, camera resolution and storage capacity.

Gateway Lock & Security Has the Security Solutions for Your Business.

Gateway Lock & Security has the professionals who can advise you on the best business security solution for you and your business. We offer many options to choose from, tailored specifically to your requirements. Our highly trained and experienced technicians will discuss all your specifications and answer any questions you might have. We are knowledgeable of all local, state, and national building and safety codes.

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