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Best Practices for Giving Vendors Access to Your Building

giving vendors access

The following article was contributed by ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning, a janitorial cleaning franchise based in Virginia.  The success of your business lies first and foremost with you and your employees and your relationships with your customers and clients. But you probably also rely on outside vendors from time to time (for example, cleaning and maintenance […]

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The Importance of Security Cameras for a Small Business

Importance of Security Cameras

The following article was contributed by Streamline Telecom, a NYC-based structured cabling and security contractor.  Your small business was built on your dreams, your hard work, and, realistically, your hard-earned money. It only makes sense that you should protect every aspect of your business – your employees, your customers, your inventory, and your building. You […]

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Key Fobs and Access Cards

Key Fobs Access Cards

This blog is a continuation on our recent blog on types of security systems. It provides more detail on using key fobs, access cards and readers as a method of access control for your business. The need for an actual key to unlock a door, especially for commercial use, is becoming extinct. Security systems of […]

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Electronic Strikes for Access Control

Electronic strikes

This blog is a continuation on our recent blog on types of security systems. It provides more detail on using electronic strikes as a locking mechanism for access control. What Are Electric Strikes? An electric strike is a metal plate installed on a door frame that can be unlocked via remote electrical control. These devices […]

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Magnetic Locks Access Control Systems

Magnetic Locks Access Control

Our last blog highlighted the different types of security systems available for your business or residence. This blog will go into more depth on the magnetic locks security systems. How Magnetic Locks Systems Work Magnetic locks are an important advancement in access control systems. Key cards or fobs replace traditional keys in allowing access to […]

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