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Benefits of Restricted Key Systems


restricted key systems

Keys are used daily to lock and secure important items. Buildings, people, assets, records, documents, and cash are all things that we want to keep secure. Some people lose their keys or former employees don’t return their keys. The possibility of unauthorized individuals finding those keys or duplicating them can put your building and property at risk.

The U.S Department of Justice reports that there are 2.5 million burglaries each year. That number could decrease with the proper security system in place. What can you do to prevent this from happening? Invest in a restricted key system for your business. It provides better security to give you peace of mind.

What Is a Restricted Key System?

A restricted key system is designed to prevent unauthorized duplication of keys for homeowners and business owners. These systems provide secure access to buildings with multiple entry points. The owner decides who gets access and where. Every key can be traced to its holder and the lock it activates. It can only be produced by one specified professional locksmith.

Restricted key systems are typically used by hospitals, schools and universities, hotels, sports clubs, and office buildings.

choose a restricted key system

5 Reasons to Choose A Restricted Key System

Restricted key systems are ideal for small to large commercial and industrial properties that contain multiple sites and users.   Restricted key systems can be expanded as a business grows.  Other benefits include:

1. Greater Security. Fewer people have access to entry points and copies can only be issued to individuals who have been given that authority by the owner or their designee. With only one locksmith designated to a particular key system, a restricted key system ensures that other locksmiths are prohibited to make a copy. This provides a higher level of security.

Each key has a unique issue and system number attached to it, providing even more protection. These numbers are entered into a locksmith database and are not allowed to be reused or duplicated.

2. Maintain A Record of Keys. Every key made is registered with the locksmith who made the key.  The company owner or administrator is always aware of the number of keys that were made by the locksmith and to whom they were issued. Recordkeeping keeps the owner informed of every key location, and any authorizations made to acquire new sets of keys. 

3. Difficulty Picking the Lock.  The unique design or shape of the keys in a restricted key system comes with complex features that make it highly unlikely that someone can pick the lock.  The patented design ensures no one else can manufacture the key blanks.  Keys can also be customized so that a key can only open a particular set of locks.

4. Restricted Copies. All business owners need to make sure that spare keys aren’t being made without their permission. With a restricted key system, the owner is the only person authorized to request duplicate keys to be made by the responsible locksmith.  The process begins with filling out a form, then keys are cut and registered with that locksmith.

5. Limited Access. Restricted key systems allow for only specific employees to access a particular area in a building. For example, certain employees may only enter the first floor of a building, while a manager can have access to the first and second floors.

picking a restricted key system

What to Consider in a Restricted Key System

Before choosing a restricted key system, every business owner should assess their security needs and ask the following questions:

  • What patents apply to the product and when do they expire? Are they enforced?
  • How many distributors have the right to sell the product and where?
  • How much exclusivity is available?
  • What are the terms of the contract?
  • What special equipment will be needed to service the locks and duplicate keys?
  • How easy is the ordering process of new keys?

Not all restricted key systems are patented. Those that are offer the legal protection necessary to restrict the availability of key blanks to authorized locksmiths and distributors. Also, patents do expire, and many companies require customers to upgrade or replace expired key systems.

Need Better Security?

If you have a growing business or multiple properties, investing in a restrictive key system offers greater protection.  Gateway Lock & Security offers its own patented restricted key systems, the Schlage Primus and Schlage Primus Everest.

 We have extensive experience in designing, installing and maintaining restricted key systems for your business. We can work with you to ensure the system design meets your operational and security needs and allows for future growth and flexibility. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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